Monday, October 31, 2016

09 [16.10.31] Pole Shift


Tupp returns from the North Pole - that is... with the North Pole.  This creates havoc is more ways than is immediately tangible to the residents of Hometownville.
  •  North Pole Tour (Brazen Gestures and Shambles Constant)
  • CPO Petrie Tries to Become Familiar with Dating (PQ Ribber)
  • Marine Biologist Sheridan (Clara Tse, Chad Bowers, Frank Nora, Constant, Ribber, Eddie Murray, Marc Rose)
  • Carl Cornshaver Goes to the Dogs (Rose, also produced by Rose)
  • Pole Shift (Murray, Constant)
  • P.O.'ed (Bowers, Jimbo)
  • Shifted (Jeff Pollard, Jimbo)
  • Chimney (Mike Boody, Bowers) 

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