Saturday, October 1, 2016

06 [16.10.01] My Tum-Tum Hurts

Your stomach will be in knots when you find out what's going on in Hometownville. Nanook is in cahoots with the mob? Who is the strange visitor in town? Something suspicious! Bad doings! Accusations of shoplifting! Odd dreams!
  • CPO Petrie Talks Mathematics (PQ Ribber, plus the gang of Frank Edward Nora, Eddie Murray, Chad Bowers, Shambles Constant, Marc Rose, Jimbo and Carrie Michel’s wonderful laugh)
  • Final Arrangements (Mike Boody and Jimbo)
  • Testimonials (with Jeff Pollard)
  • Party Plans (Shambles, Chad and Jimbo, written by Chad, Shambles and Jimbo)
  • Who Said That? (Jeff and Jimbo, written by both) 
  • Aki and the Dating Program (written, performed and produced by Chad)
  • Nanook’s Thoughts (Jimbo)
  • Dennis and His Guest (Mike, Frank, PQ, Shambles, Marc Chad, [some dialogue] and Jimbo, with special guest producer MARC ROSE)
  • That Pesky Po-Po (Smidge Kurdlebaum, Eddie, Chad, Shambles and Jimbo, written by Jimbo and Chad)
  • New Sled Driver Dream (Jeff, Shambles and Jimbo, written by Jeff and Jimbo)
  • Commercial: Arctic Maxi Pads (Jimbo)

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