Friday, September 23, 2016

05 [16.09.23] New People


All of the sudden, Hometownville is inundated with new people and this leads to a lot of new opportunity for a variety of things. Some of the men go seal hunting.  Also, Grock shares some of his thoughts.
  • Community Igloo (Jimbo's monologue, with Chad Bowers, Frank Nora, Shambles Constant,  PQ Ribber, Eddie Murray and Marc Rose) 
    Buffalo Wings .. the menacing Tabasco sled .. Larry was naked again .. Grock selling his lawnmower (Grock) .. selling popcorn (Grock) .. Ice Scouts (Grock) .. peel and stick calendar (Grock)
  • After the talk (Chad, Jimbo and Shambles)
  • Nanook Meets Fortifor (Eddie and Jimbo)
  • Seal Hunt (Chad, Shambles and Jimbo, written by same)
  • Dennis (Mike Boody and Jimbo)
  • CPO Petrie Talks Earthquakes (PQ, with the group plus Carrie Michel)
  • Nanook Thinks Aloud (Jimbo)
  • Goth Grocery (Shambles, Smidge Kurdlebaum and Jimbo)
  • But You Offered (Jeff Pollard and Jimbo)
  • Grock Talks to a Little Girl (performed, written and produced by Chad) 
  • COMMERCIAL: Radio Free Shambles Promo (Jimbo)
  • COMMERCIAL: PSA “Sled Street Safety” (Milt and Jimbo)

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