Wednesday, August 31, 2016

01 [16.08.31] Tabasco Sled

EPISODE 01 Tabasco Sled  🔈

(45:45) The enormous talents of Chad BOWERS, Marc ROSE, Shambles CONSTANT, Jeff POLLARD, Frank NORA, PQ RIBBER and Milt KANES combine with Jimbo to bring you "Hometownville", a very unique and hammy serial.

In the first show, we are given a brief look at some of the places around Hometownville that you may not have known existed and you get to meet some new people who weren't in the 'Original 7' shows

  • Community Igloo (Jimbo's monologue, with PQ, Chad, Frank, Shambles and Marc) 
    It's cold,  I have a horrible cold, Tilimaq, the fire salesman,  Making fire when it's wet and cold,  Making fire is like making ice cream, Stubbing your toe, Hitting your shin, Seeing Larry naked,  Little Miss Buffet,  Warning to "stupid" Gadzooks, Seal skins (part I), Mandela effect,  Seal skins (part II),  Dirty laundry,  Difficulty of killing a seal, Sneezing

  • Tabasco Sled Vignette (Milt) 
  • Sharp Scissors (Jeff and Jimbo) 
  • TV Dinner (Chad/he also produced this sketch) 
  • I Scream (Chad and Jimbo) 
  • Radio DJ (Frank and Jimbo) 
  • Tilimaq Delivers (Shambles and Jimbo) 
  • Tabasco Makes Me Cry (Shambles and Jimbo) 
  • Commercial: Pizza Inuit (Jimbo)
  • Commercial:  PSA for Eskimos Against People Who Depict Eskimos as People Who Eat Nothing but Ice Cream on Sticks (Jimbo)

  • notes: Sharp Scissors skit written by Jimbo and Jeff Pollard; Radio Station DJ skit written by Frank Edward Nora;  TV Dinner skit written by Chad Bowers;   I Scream skit written by Chad Bowers and Jimbo.

    All other skits and production by Jimbo.  Hometownville Theme by Jimbo; all other music was ripped from guitar effect processor and synthesizer patch demo videos! 🎹