Tuesday, September 6, 2016

02 [16.09.06] Gadzooks!

EPISODE 02  Gadzooks!   🔈 

In episode 2, Gadzooks (killed in Episode 1 by the vicious Tabasco sled) is walking around town talking to people! The Navy makes a visit and tries to teach the men about basic physics and science. Plus many other goodies to keep you on your toes and amused.

  • Community Igloo (Jimbo's monologue, with Chad Bowers, Frank Nora, Shambles Constant and Marc Rose) 
    Gadzooks is dead - will bury him later,  remembering idiot Gadzooks, pink stain, Tum Tum, more Gadzooks memories, peanuts, beer, Bear Bay whale glut, peanut butter cookies, it snowed, dreaming, the vocoder and harmonica and brass and woodwinds, Goober

  • Talk with Tum Tum (Milt Kanes, Jimbo, Jackie Constant)
  • Gadzooks?? (Chad Bowers, Jimbo, Shambles Constant)
  • Gadzooks!  It's Gadzooks! (PQ Ribber, Jimbo and Shambles)
  • Fenjuu, the Fisherman with Hemorrhoids (Shambles and Jimbo)
  • Petty Officer Third Class Petrie Teaches Physics (PQ, Shambles, Chad, Frank and Marc)
  • Labels and Stereotypes (Jeff and Jimbo)
  • Petrie Teaches about Auroras  (PQ, Shambles, Chad, Frank and Marc)
  • Commercial: Dr. Kerimidas (Shambles)
  • Commercial: Lost! (Jimbo)
  • Good Night (Jeff)
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