Thursday, September 15, 2016

04 [16.09.14] Bonza Ripper Beauty

EPISODE 04  Bonza Ripper  Beauty   πŸ”ˆ 

Nanook and some of the townspeople are looking for answers as to how Gadzooks can still be alive.  Some discount the happenings, others have explanations.  Whatever; but an amputated leg is attached to a live body that sat for 6 days in the potato cellar.


  • Looking for Answers (Frank Edward Nora and Jimbo)
  • Re-visiting “I Scream Ice Cream” (Chad Bowers and Jimbo) 
  • Bonza Ripper Beauty Mate! (Ruben Schade and Jimbo)
  • The Tabasco Sled (Milt Kanes)
  • Grock is Depressed (Chad)
  • CPO Petrie Explains the Gadzooks Situation (PQ Ribber and Jimbo) 
  • Ursa Minor, Boss Man (Jeff Pollard and Jimbo)
  • Grock Sees Doc Keramidas (Chad, Shambles Constant and Jimbo)
  • Thinking About Stuff (Jimbo)
  • Grock the Radio Station DJ (Chad and Jimbo)
  • Commercial: Frank’s Radio Show (Frank)
  • Commercial: “I Scream Ice Cream” (Chad)

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