Here's the deal: for the most part, I (Jimbo) come up with everything involving production (and trust me, it's a big job).  I handle writing the skits (although they sometimes morph and all those reading lines are pretty much in control of their characters and the finality of heir lines). One person in particular, Chad Bowers, likes to write a lot of his own material and provides other material as well.  It is welcomed, because Chad is a crazy comedic genius.  As the gang around the fire would say: more Chad, more Chad, more Chad! 

I write 9 out of 10 pieces of music, using my Korg synth, Casio keyboard and my Korg Kaosspad 2.  The other stuff is lifted from guitar FX box demos on YouTube, of all things.

To cut to the quick, this is not "The Jimbo Show", this is more like an ONSUG spectacular - starring YOU.  I could never do all these parts - and you wouldn't want me too, either!  It's amazing just how much talent there is at ONSUG.  Who knew these people were such great actors!  Oh wait, *I* knew it.  I hear these people on their shows!  We all knew Chad Bowers was hilarious and that Frank Nora could go on and on and always be interesting (!) and that Shambles Constant is/was an actor locally in his neck of the woods, that PQ Ribber is unassuming and gracious and has provided me with his spectacular "Indian prints" (which seem to fir in nicely as a background), that Marc Rose has a magic and expressive voice, that Milt Kanes is a much better actor than we ever knew, that Jeff Pollard acts in films in his spare time and has many voices and that Ruben Schade is quite likely blow us away when he finally shows up.

The time these people put in for my absurd direction requests (sometimes I don't even use what I ask for) is awesome.  No one ever complains, they all seem eager to help invent this world that we are imagining.  Frank Nora has always talked about building a city, yet I wonder if he realizes that the ONSUG is a city, his website is it's walls and there are many people there.  A different kind of person, perhaps, than John and Jane Doe, and I happen to think that's a good thing.

Sometimes an idea happens and it takes on a life of it's own; perhaps this is one of those things.
A lot of this stuff below has been covered (sort of) in the Origins part of the site, but not all of it:

There's no doubt that the premise of this podcast is ridiculous and absurd.  The initial story was built - not with hours of thoughts and ideas - but with me simply sitting down and doing a monologue for the "Overnight Central" show, a podcast that's been around for about six years (as of August 2016).  Everything was off the top of my head; no notes, not really any idea what would come out of my mouth.  And it probably sounded like it.  :) But this is how Nanook was born and the story got it's birth.

Oh man!  It's PQ Ribber, delinquent
son of Mammy Ribber, oh yes!  "Don't make
me get a switch and beat your eyes out!"
It went on from there.  I never knew where the story would go; much of it depended on the subject given by show host PQ Ribber, who claims he gets them from "the Annunaki". 

I still come up with the stories the same way as I did during the skit's run on the Central: I still just sit down and spit it out.  But once I do that, I have to add puzzle pieces and make it all fit together.

Another thing I do is write pieces of music for the show.  This is by far the easiest part of the show for me.  It's fun too.  I'm sure the audience probably wishes it had a better sound, a better singer and a musician, rather than an ape banging on the keyboards.  But I do what I can do!

I know the absurdity of the show makes for some ridiculous listening at times and at some point you are going to ask yourself, "Why am I listening to this?"  The imagination is a powerful thing, so just pretend it's all real and enjoy it.  We twist everything on this show, we make fun of ourselves, we wonder about life, we talk about real stuff - including death.  But more importantly, we celebrate the joy and creativity we were blessed with and we ham it up.  You know why?  Because everyone who participates in this podcast is a ham!  

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